Life Support

Made for Mini Beans Jam #9

--- How to Play ---

Interact with broken down machinery and solve the tasks to repair it. Also it is important to care for the support systems of the cryopods of your crewmates. But remember to keep an eye on the radar! The monster still lurks around and will attack again when you fail to scare it away with the siren. When the submarine takes a hit you have to repair the leaks or else the submarine fills with water and sinks to the abyss.

--- Story ---

You find yourself in the role of a skilled mechanic on a covert underwater mission, only to be abruptly awoken from your cryo sleep.

As you regain consciousness, you realize that a monstrous entity is relentlessly pursuing your submarine, threatening to obliterate everything in its path. With no time to spare, you must swiftly navigate through the narrow corridors of the submarine, tackling various repair tasks to restore the vessel to its former glory.

Can you harness your wits and mechanical prowess to save the ship from the clutches of this menacing monster, or will the submarine be consumed by the abyss forever?


Walk: WASD
Interact: Left Mouse Button

Sourcecode on Github


Download (Postjam 1h) 60 MB
Life_Support_MajorBugFix_1.2 66 MB

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