A downloadable game for Windows

If played in other than 1920x1080 the three energy charges are not displayed correctly, but there are always 3 at the start.Controls: WASD for car movement, SPACEBAR for Energy drink

Link to Github Repo

Tip: The animation on the bottom right is the progress bar. Once the car reaches back up top you win!

Driving Nightmare is a Roadtrip Simulator where you drive to your destination, the Arcadia stadium in Hamburg for the BeansJam '22. 

Unfortunately, for the last few days you were so excited, that you couldn't sleep and now as you are driving the fatigue kicks in and there are only 3 cans of energy left... 

Ingame Mechanics: driving and drinking energy 

Goal: Rcadia Stadium 

Hints: you have only 1 Life, please do not make an accident 

Ability: drink Energy : will reduce fatigue to 0 

Fatigue: after time you become very tired until you even fall asleep briefly and lose control of the car.

(In theory controller has inputs configured as well with Leftstick, Right trigger and the A Button (Button south). But breaking doesn't work and it's untested)


Driving_Nightmare.zip 28 MB

Install instructions

1920x1080px resolution for best experience. Only Fullscreen available unfortunately.


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Hey friends beat the Dev speedrun 2:14m.... i wish you good luck and have fun=D 

nice drive

When it comes to driving, vision is optional anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Das web Build, geht bei mir nicht, aber sonst isses nen interessantes Game.

Finde die Idee, dass man sporadisch Blackouts hat ziemlich gut.

Btw. Ist das Spiel endlos? Wenn, ja, wäre ein Highscore ganz cool.

Hallo, Es ist nicht endlos, und wir haben nochmal Update vor 20 Uhr hochgeladen, also wenn du lust hast =D